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The Magic of Walt Disney!!

When you hear the word Disneyland,  immediately you think of pink colour castle, huge costumes, Mickey Mouse and  KIDS. But to be honest, Disneyland does offer  a unique, unparallel experience regardless of age. There is something in it for  all of us and if you grew-up watching at the amazing technology and effort that  went beyond Disney’s blockbuster animation/live-action films, then Disneyland parks offers an amazing opportunity to re-live  them.

The one which I wish to talk about is the Disneyland  situated in Paris,  actually its in a newly developed village called Marne-la-Vallée. Easily  accessible by trains/flights if you are located in Europe or UK, this Disneyland consists of Disney Park,  Walt Disney Studios and Disney   Village, all located  side-by-side. There are 7 Disney hotels and a few operated by partners to  choose from. But the main one is the actual Disney hotel located at the  entrance of the parks which provides that 5-star-fantasy experience.

Disneyland Park:
  It consists of 5 main themed areas:

  1. Main street USA – This is a replica of old USA streets with loads of shopping,  hotels and the main parade area
  3. Frontier Land – This is themed after  the wild west
  5. Adventure Land – This is themed  after adventure and action epics like Indiana Jones & Pirates of the Caribbean
  7. Discovery Land – This has got a  futuristic theme
  9. Fanatsy Land – This is  mainly aimed at children with the theme taken from several fairy tales &  Disney Animation Movies

Disneyland Studios:
  - This is where movies and magic happen. There are several  shows/rides which dwell in various aspects of film-making, special-effects  tours and high-adrenaline rides.

Here is my pick of the lot:
    Phantom Manor – A slightly spooky ride with awesome special effects. The ride  lasts for up to 5 mins where you travel across the Phantom Manor unravelling  the secret of the bride. This ride is Disney at its best and is highly  recommended

Big Thunder   Mountain Ride – Ride on a  wild coaster while it twists, turns and plunges into the darkness of deep  tunnels at high speed

Peter Pan – Re-Live the magic of Peter Pan where you take a  flight (buggy controlled through the roof) across London to Neverland. Nice special effects,  amazing soundtrack & narration brings back nostalgic memories of this familiar  flying hero in green tights.

It’s a small word – This hugely popular ride is colourful,  bright and has the evergreen “It’s a small word” sound-track. This ride takes  you though a bright-lit doll show representing every part of the world know to  us.

Pirates of the Caribbean –  This is pure awesome, you take a boat ride, up and down, through dark waters  and then a small town ravished by the cursed Pirates. This is again one of the  best rides of the park and is highly recommended.

Star Tours  – This ride is based on StarWars film and is one of the best simulators in the  world. If you a huge StarWars fan like me, you will enjoy it even the more.

Animagic & the Art of Animation – These are shows which  talk about animation, how characters are created and feature popular tracks fro  various Disney films.

The Studio Tours – For all film fanatics, this is by far the  best experience. You travel in a tram which takes you to a setting of a typical  disaster scene in Hollywood films and puts you  right in the middle of the action. The experience is simply breathtaking!!

Armageddon Special Effects - You play the actors in this  tour where they take you into the middle of action by recreating the scene  where a huge asteroid collides with the Russian Space Centre from Michael Bay’s film Armageddon. The special  effects are simply amazing. This is a must for all who wish to relive the  breathtaking action sequence.

The Twilight   Zone Tower  of Terror – Amazing special effects and high adrenaline rush are apt words to  describe this ride. Visitors are taken to 13th floor in elevators and dropped  down suddenly to a couple of floors below. 

Space Mountain Mission  2 – This high speed roller coaster ride is only for the brave. I think this can  be classed as the wildest ride of the entire park and studio.

Apart from these, there are many more that provide a great  experience like walking through the infamous Nautilus Submarine, exploring  Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Exploring various caves of Adventureland to name a  few. Whatever land you choose to explore, you will not be disappointed. The  enormous effort which Disney has put into building the park is evident from the  moment you step in and yes, you do enter a fairyland which is magnificent and  does succeed in creating an everlasting impression.

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