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Raavan Music Review

Raavan Music Review

When ARR and Mani Ratnam team up, one can expect nothing less than sheer magic when it comes to the soundtrack. This is proved time and again with amazing soundtracks not forgetting to mention the BG score as well. Tere Bina from Guru (their last album) was soo haunting that it still remains as a personal favourite and I would listen to it again and again at any point.

So here comes a new album from the team, Raavan. The song “Beera” which was played in the 30 sec teaser left us longing for more, literally counting days for the complete soundtrack to be release. And the day was 24th, when a casual search on the iTunes store from my iPhone showed up the album. I, without thinking twice hit on the download button, checking the price and the track list only after the album began downloading.

So what are my first impressions - the soundtrack ROCKS. Our favourite Mani-ARR team doesn’t disappoint. Here’s my take on the tracks:

1) Beera Beera – The awesome song from the teaser trailer, is full on energy with some great vocals. Vijay Prakash, who has done an amazing job with the recent Hosanna song triumphs again with this number. This fast paced song introduces the title character with full punch and is going to top the charts. The only flip-side of this song is its length, just a little over 3 mins, I seriously wish it could be a little longer!

2) Behene De – This is my personal favourite of the album and is on a repeat mode on my iPod. Excellent tune, soul-stirring lyrics and great vocals make this an amazing composition. I always was a fan of the softer side of Rahman and just like all the haunting soft tracks composed by ARR, this is trance-inducing.

3) Thok De Killi – Sukhwinder Singh is in full form and he is coming together with ARR after the world famous ‘Jai Ho’ track. Upon initial listening, this felt a little lukewarm, but really grows on repeated hearing. Especially the orchestration and totally different lyrics, this song has the potential to become a chart-buster!!

4) Ranjha Ranjha – Taking about the softer side of ARR, this is another melodious love song which is sweet as sugar. If Aye Hairathey from Guru was one of the most romantic love ballads of recent times, this song definitely finds its place right next to it.

5) Khilli Re – This slow, situational song might be a slow-registerer of the album, but indeed is like slow-poison that gets to you gradually. I can relate to such songs in films like Water (composed by ARR) but really feel glad that we still get to listen to such songs in Mainstream Indian cinema. Kudos for Main Ratnam for using such a track in Raavan. ‘Khilli Re’ is sheer poetic from the word go.

6) Kata Kata – This song is full of masti and marks the return of Ila Arun and her trade-mark voice which was very popular in the 90’s. This song is more like paying homage to ‘Rukmani’ song from ‘Roja’ composed by ARR 18 yrs ago. This song is picturised with 400 dancers and would definitely be a delight to watch on the big screen.

So, that sums up my views on the sound track and I am ecstatic about the songs. ARR-Mani Ratnam combo created magic right from ‘Roja’ and they continue to do so…Raavan is the solid proof for that!!

As a special note, I was really happy to see the songs available on iTunes (UK) during the launch day itself. Usually, I had to wait (in the UK) for a few days to get my hands on the music. I wish all future albums will be released this way!!

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

Pick of the lot: Behne De, Beera & Khilli Re

- Ravi Adloori

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