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My Star Wars Journey

My family always enjoyed a good movie or two and as a kid, I simply loved going to the cinemas with them. I used to love the ambiance, the excitement, the smell of popcorn and the mandatory soda/chips which we used to get during intermission, they were the best memories!

So it was my folks who introduced me to the world of exciting films like James Bond, Indiana Jones, Sound of Music, Jackie Chan amongst others. But they clearly missed out Star Wars!! I think Sci-fi didn't just rock their boat, so I was totally oblivious to this franchise until I was in junior college.

This was times before the internet, where information wasn't freely available on our finger tips, we had to dig this out from libraries and encyclopedias (sounds soo strange right, we should tell this to our kids when they grow up!!). So, this was 1999, when the original trilogy got re-released and without knowing anything about the film, me and my cousin went to see Star Wars - A New Hope in Skyline Theater in Hyderabad. It really was an amazing experience, I loved the characters, the universe, all the exciting strange planets which they visit, the cute li'l R2D2, the Millennium Falcon and the amazing action sequences! I was mesmerized by how they just cruise along through Galaxies, sometimes at Light Speed, finding adventure, the way they defined Force as an entity present all around and the way of the Jedi with their mind-control abilities and their awesome Light Sabers!! It was a fiesta and I couldn't be more excited to return to the next episode of the franchise, The Empire Strikes Back.

(Spoiler Alert)....Luke, I'm your father!! That was a breathtaking moment!! When I saw it for the first time, I thought Vader was just lying, trying to manipulate Luke. And what a cliff-hanger it was!! The film ended in middle so I couldn't help but to love and hate it at the same time!

It wasn't few more months before I could see the concluding part, by then I moved to Engineering college in Tamil Nadu and dragged my non-English speaking friend to see the Return of the Jedi. For me, this is the best film in the franchise! I loved the epic build-up for rescuing Han Solo, the dessert fight scene, loved the way it tied things together, the fight sequence on the Moon of Endor, the epic finale and of course how can I forget Princess Leia and her gold metal bikini, she was just a delight and so were all others who cosplayed her after that ;) The ending was utmost satisfying and I couldn't get the ending tune out of my head..that which plays when everyone is celebrating and Luke watches over with the spirits of Yoda, Obi-Wan and Vader.

So Star Wars for me was the perfect definition of Sci-fi. Years later, when the prequel trilogy came out and everyone hated them, I still had fun watching them despite the lengthy council meetings, totally wooden actors and Jar-Jar-Binks!! I remember me and my brother binged on the prequel trilogy on a Saturday night with Noodles and tubs of ice-cream!

And now, when I heard that J.J. was at the helm and Disney took over the franchise, I couldn't have been more happier! Especially seeing what J.J. has done with StarTrek!! So yes, I am going to watch this film, in 3D and considering the initial positive reviews...I know this is going to be my new favourite!!

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