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My All Time Favourites

My All Time Favourites

Now here is a list of some real good movies (in no particular order) in my opinion. Some were blockbusters, some were duds..but again this is my view on why I like them and watch them frequently…

  1. Schindler’s List – This is the best from Steven Spielberg. I missed this movie when it initially came out, but after reading some interesting facts about WW2, I revisited many movies based on WW2 and this one was amazing. Spielberg truly deserved the Oscar for this amazing/emotional account of the Nazis and the Holocaust.
    Some Facts: Spielberg hasn’t charged any money for this film and when asked about this he said, he didn’t want any as it was blood money.
    Roman Polasski turned down the chance of directing this film as he was too emotional about the topic as he himself was a survivor of the holocaust.

  2. The Matrix Trilogy – This is science fiction at its best. The first one was soo innovative during its time that we had to read on the making of the film to understand it completely. The time-freeze shots were first introduced by the Wachowski brothers and became hugely popular after that. The Burly Brawl fight scene and Highway Chase scene were excellent from the second one. The third one wasn’t appreciated much because of its anti-climax but I think it did justice by sticking to the story line.
    Some Facts: After being turned down by all major studios, Warner approved this film script by giving a tenth of the required budget to complete the whole film. The Wachowski brothers used that to shoot the first introduction root top chase scene and showed it to Warner. Warner immediately approved the entire 100 Million budget and the rest, as they say is history.
    The highway chase scene from Matrix reloaded took 3 months to shoot, longer than many films entire shooting schedule
    GM donated 300 cars for use in the production of the movie, and all of them were wrecked by the end.
    Special Note: Do watch Animatrix. This gives a better understanding of the whole concept.

  3. The New Batman Series (Batman Begins & The Dark Knight) – Somehow, I never was a fan of Batman films. I hated the entire cartoonish feeling of the films (no offence to all hardcore fans) until Christopher Nolan stepped in and presented his dark version of the masked vigilante. Batman Begins was excellent, the story line, the chase sequences and the amazing Bat Mobile were more than perfect. One would think it will be really difficult to top this one, but surprisingly, The Dark Knight exceeded all expectations and is better than the first one. Special mention to the Joker who brought a new terror factor into the whole Negative Character genre.

  4. Spider Man 1 & 2 – It was good to see the new adaption of the saga of a boy next door bitten by a genetically enhanced Spider, thus giving him super powers which he uses to fight bad guys. I feel there are Super Hero dreams in all of us and we do dream of what we can do if we have these special abilities! This was conveyed in the most convincing way in this film….The life and deeds of an ordinary guy when he is given the ability to be a super being. The second part was equally as good as the first one with more attention thrown to the LOVE angle of Peter Parker. The scene during the train fight with Doc Oc when people see the actual face of Spidey is amazing. Also is the scene when MJ finds out about who Spidey is! The third one didn’t quite deliver the punch and Sam Raimi is now coming up with a 4th instalment. Let’s hope it will be as fresh and interesting as the first two…
    Update: Raimi is stepping out of the Spidey-Franchise and the series is getting a Re-Boot this time!! Little disappointed to know about this as Raimi’s version was perfect and it would be difficult for anyone to match that…All will reveal itself in due course!!

  5. Ever After – This is one sweet film which tells about the Cinderella story in a unique way. Drew Barrymore portrays the lead role with conviction and one can’t help but admire her character throughout the film. This one is for a quite afternoon with your loved one.

  6. X-Men Series – I am a big fan of Super Hero flicks and hence I include this in my list as well. It is a good concept of showing super hero abilities as an evolutionary process and then show multiple characters and their intentions who have evolved this way. I do admit that there is too much focus on Wolverine and now he even has a movie for himself, but still this flick is enjoyable and has some cool special effects.

  7. Sin City – This was one of the films which I wished shouldn’t end soon while watching. The unique way of story-telling was really amazing. Though a little graphic and violent, this is one of the decent thrillers out there. The casting was perfect and totally suited the actual characters from the graphic novel, with a special mention to characters Marv and Nancy Callahan. Eagerly waiting for the second instalment where Rachel Weisz is rumoured to play Ava Lord!!

  8. Watchmen – Another superhero flick in my list, but this is a little different and falls in the lines of the New Batman series, where normal humans don masks to protect and serve mankind! Few adrenaline pumping action sequences, amazing special effects and a different story makes the entire flick thoroughly enjoyable despite of its lengthy running time. And after reading the graphic novel as well, this is one honest adaptation and all praise goes to Zack Snyder. (I definitely feel Alan Moore should watch this film)

  9. 50 First Dates – Another mushy romantic flick and I have included this in my list because it is sweet and has a simple love story. Drew Barrymore plays the role of a girl who has short-term memory loss and can’t remember past a point in her life. Her dad and brother try to cover this up by pretending that it is the same day of the same month, of the same year…everyday. Funny concept and decent performances, makes this film perfectly enjoyable on a quiet weekend!

  10. Mallrats / Zack And Miri – I was amazed when I saw Mallrats for the first time. The entire movie is based on conversations about love, life and secret fantasies of different characters. A little digging around led me to the concept of movies made by the genius Kevin Smith. His take is a little different when compared to the routine films. I did watch most of the films made by him like Clerks 1&2, Dogma, Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob, etc..but Mallrats and Zack & Miri will remain the best among the lot. Interesting conversations, funny sequences and a decent love angle towards the story, makes these highly enjoyable.
    Some Facts: Kevin Smith made his first flick, Clerks with a miniscule budget. He got permission to shoot at his local convenience store where he also worked. He was only allowed to shoot when the store was closed (mainly in the evenings). Hence if you notice, the main shutter of the store will be closed and Kevin covers this up in the movie by mentioning that someone has jammed the locks of the shutter by sticking in Chewing Gum. Clerks was sent to various film festivals and Miramax purchased the rights and released it worldwide. Now this is classed as a cult.

  11. Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre – Being a big fan of this comic series when I was a kid, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Even though it is made in French, it is a very good adaptation with decent production values and special effects. The cast was perfect with a special mention to Monica Bellucci, who plays the glamorous queen Cleopatra. It is a delight to watch her on screen every time. And the mix of modern aspects with the traditional situations added extra humour to the narration. Do watch in the original Fresh version with subtitles as opposed to the dubbed English version.

  12. Walt Disney’s Atlantis – The Lost Empire – One from Walt Disney’s classics. I remember seeing this movie soo many times and even now if I get a chance, I would watch it again. This simply is animation and story woven together at its best! Thrilling adventure plus a good sound track makes this tick. This is an absolute classic and will remain so forever.

  13. Walt Disney’s Aladdin – This classic has got to be on my list. I still remember seeing this film for the first time in theatres when I was a kid and then seeing it soo many times after that. The humour, love story with amazing sound track makes this film highly enjoyable. Special mention to the theme song “A Whole New World” brilliantly composed by Alan Menken, who also won an Oscar for the same.

  14. Love Actually – This one is for Christmas!! Warmly cuddled up with hot chocolate around festive time, this movie adds to the ambience! The film has multiple stories of interlinked characters running parallel. These include a cheating girl friend, a foreign love, a desperate Prime Minister, a hot secretary, a kid madly in love amongst others. The decent story-line(s), good soundtrack and brilliant performances make this movie highly enjoyable.

  15. Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4.0) – I know that the ones before this one were classic, but somehow I prefer this one. Probably because of the whole FIRE SALE concept and the kick-ass action sequences. The entire cinema hall was applauding after every action scene. Bruce does what he is good at and is in top form this time! Yipee..Kay..Yay..Mothe…

  16. Star Wars – For since fiction genre, this film is as good as it gets. Amazing special effects, strong characterisation and a pretty decent story-line makes this film fun to watch any number of times. The original trilogy is very good compared to the new prequel but regardless this series is highly enjoyable!! 
    Some Facts: When George Lucas went to 20th Century Fox, they approved the film with a confirmed mindset that it would fail. Only later, this was the film that saved the studio from bankruptcy!! 

  17. Dracula – Dead and Loving it – This is Mel Brooks and Leslie Nielsen at their best. This spoof of the actual Dracula movie is hilarious without the jokes going over-board. All the characters invoke genuine humour, be it Nielsen as Dracula or Brookes himself as Van Helsing, with a special mention to Peter MacNicol who played Renfield. The scenes involving him are very funny. Unfortunately this DVD is not released in the UK, I had to eBay one from America.

  18. Hot Fuzz – This is one uniquely funny cops tale with a good story-line and action. Actually the entire film belongs to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Simon’s portrayal as the tough London city cop Sgt. Nicholas Angel and Nick as his side-kick Danny Batterman was excellent. This one is highly recommended and is British humour at its best!!

  19. Inception – Christopher Nohlan proves yet again that he can deliver the best after hugely successful Dark Knight. The whole concept of entering ones dream is completely novel, though you have to pay close attention to understand the complicated story-line, this film is as innovate as the Matrix series. Rather than showing mindless action, this film tries to provoke the intelligence factor in audience.
    Some Facts: Nohlan had this concept ready 10 years ago when films like Matrix were hugely popular. But he wanted to gain more experience in film-making before attempting on such a huge film, he postponed the idea and went on to make the Batman series. This flick is probably the biggest proof that some original ideas remain novel even after ages, 10 years and still the concept was soo fresh!!

  20. Avatar – It collected 2 billions and Mr.Cameron is still not happy about the success and he is re-releasing it with extra footage. This film will be in the best movies list of most people. Avatar is a break-through in motion capture technology and proves what one can achieve when they give attention-to-detail. The imaginary Pandora felt almost real and so did the aliens. Cameron’s last film (Titanic) was the record holder in terms of box-office success and after 10 years, he broke his own record with Avatar!

  21. Toy Story 3 – Usually sequels (apart from very few) never have the same charm of the original and sometimes end up straight to DVD. But Toy Story proved that Sequels can be not only as good as original but even better. For me Toy Story 3 is the best of the lot and will surely make place amongst my DVD library. This is probably the best conclusion for Andy and his faithful toys!

  22. Kick-Ass – This flick adopts a unique way of story-telling and the whole super-hero movie trying to not be a super-hero movie is the huge drawing factor. I did read the graphic novel and must say I hated it as it follows a very different story line. Thank god they changed it for the big screen adaptation. This film is fun and the lead characters, Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl are awesome. Truly surprised to see a 13 year old girl playing a very strong role, swearing and hacking away bad guys!!

  23. Stardust – This was one surprising flick where we went to see with no expectations at all and then it ended up as a fave in my DVD collection. Many movies tried to present a different take on the well know Fairy Tales (Example: Ever After, Cinderella Story, Sherk) and this one is a true addition to the whole fairy tale genre. A hidden parallel universe with wicked prince, evil witches, magic and fallen stars who actually are pretty women, add uniqueness to this movie and of course, all of it ends Happily Ever After..

  24. Brue Almighty – Jim Carrey is real funny and this movie provides the best scope for him as an actor and for his unique antiques. (Like swearing Holy Sh…. before god and quickly changing it to Holy Cow!!). The scenes between Bruce and God are absolutely funny with both actors Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman playing it to perfection.

  25. Accepted – This is again one of those limited release, straight-to-dvd type of films, but actually does have a very clever concept - Starting a college, where you can do your own thing like major in fashion design, roller skating, culinary arts or even learn to stick perfect bumper stickers…this S.H.I.T (South Harmon Institute of Technology) is very funny and one of the best films for me!!

I am pretty sure there will be loads more, but this is the list for now. I will keep updating :-)

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