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“Leader” Audio Review

Anyone living in Andhra can safely put his hand on his heart and say that Shekar Kammula is one of the most sensible filmmaker in the whole Telugu film industry. He proved it time and again with his sensible/sensitive subjects, decent music and a feel-good aspect surrounding his films. The youthful sound track of Happy Days in collaboration with composer Mickey J Meyer was a decent change from the routine item/mass songs which are aplenty in recent Telugu films. Infact for me, the best music in Telugu in recent times has been Happy Days and Kotha Bangaaru Lokham, both composed by Mickey. Now Leader is the coming together of Shekar and Mickey for the second time and the big question is does the sound-track offer something different?? The answer to this is a BIG YES. Though few of the tracks sound heavily inspired by the genius A.R.Rahman’s compositions, I wouldn’t complain too much about this as the music of the album is of finesse quality!!

The album begins with “Maa Telugu Thalliki”, an old gem. The song begins with heavy beats and English lyrics and smoothly blends the original rendition into it. This song just rocks!! Mickey has used the original track of “Maa Telugu Thalliki” and remixed it by adding a heavy chorus and English verse. This song can be classed as one of the best in remixes as it keeps the flavour of the old song intact adding the necessary punch of today’s generation. Patriotic to the core, this song is one of the best of the album and probably will become an anthem for the coming elections!

“Aunana Kaadana” is a decent love ballad excellently sung by another A.R.Rahman find “Naresh Iyer”. He is complimented to perfection with female vocals sung by Shweta Pandit. This song has got a class feeling in total, though I couldn’t stop drawing comparisons with “Tera Bina” track from Guru. But again, this is a rare gem which we occasionally find in Telugu films now-a-days!!

We all know about A.R.Rahman’s “Vandemataram” and how it became an anthem throughout India. Now we can proudly say that we have a Telugu youthful version of the same. This is a very good composition with strong lyrics and is full of energy. The vocals of “Nakash Aziz” add the necessary punch. This one is going to top the charts though I still feel that the tack should have been a wee bit lengthier!

Surprisingly, we have an item number in the film. This really sounds so un-like Shekar, but again I think Telugu audience are soo used to these item/masala songs that any album is incomplete without them. “Rajasekhara” adds the necessary masala for an item song and is plan OK when compared to other tracks in the album. Though I would like to make a special mention to the Ghazal touch and lead vocals by Shweta Pandit.

“Hey CM” is a fun and peppy number where the leading lady asks the CM that work isn’t everything and after 6PM, it’s time for love and romance. (feels similar to the situation in Maghadeera song from Okke Okkaddu right). This number has got western and jazz influence to it and is fun to listen to.

If you remember the song “Ishwar Allah” from 1947 – Earth composed by A.R.Rahman and how chorus signing is blended with soulful melody and excellent lyrics, this what exactly is “Sreelu Pongina” song. This is Micky J Meyer at his best. I can’t just stop mentioning how wonderful this song is and all the credit deserves to the Lyricist, Mickey and Shekar in that order.

I know that I have drawn too many comparisons with Rahman’s music and the songs in this album, what to do, I am a HUGE fan of the Maestro, but honestly this is one of the best albums in Telugu since KBL and Happy Days. Three cheers to the director, composer, lyricist and all the singers. And hailing from Andhra, I firmly say that we need more sensible music in Telugu films like Leader. The album is an absolute gem…go and grab your copy now!!!

My Rating: 4/5

- Ravi Adloori

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