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Anthem of the Seas Cruise Review

Anthem of the Seas Cruise Review

We were very excited when we booked the holiday, it was the first time on a cruise for us and there was soo much hype surrounding the cruise, Anthem of the seas, we couldn't wait to get on-board...

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The Magic of Walt Disney!!

The Magic of Walt Disney!! When you hear the word Disneyland,  immediately you think of pink colour castle, huge costumes, Mickey Mouse and  KIDS. But to be honest, Disneyland does offer  a unique, unparallel experience regardless of age. read more...read more...

Dubai…Soo Grande

To be completely honest, I was expecting to see another crowded city with Jam-packed roads and scorching heat, but was utterly surprised to see Dubai in all its grandeur. And what amazes me the most is the fact that all that splendour, posh hotels, greenery, huge monuments and amazing theme parks..all of this in the middle of a Desert!!! By just giving a single glance, you can imagine the power of oil, which has turned this thick desert into a wonderland! read more...read more...

VahRehVah...Inspiring others to cook!!


As the popular saying goes - A journey to a man's heart is through his stomach.....but I'd like to reword as - A journey to anyone's heart is through the stomach!!

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