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Books now becoming SMART...

Looks like the hugely popular concept of NetBooks is about to meet its ultimate Nemesis, THE SMARTBOOKS. There are many manufacturers like Sony Erricson, Asus, Acer, etc. lined up and experimenting their own take on the SmartBook concept.

First and foremost, the main difference between a Netbook and a Smartbook is its ability to stay connected to the internet all the time, switching between 3G and Wifi depending on the strength of the signal.

SmartBooks fall under a device category which is in-between the smart-phones and Note-books. They run on the latest Snapdragon processors which promise to be faster whilst consuming very low power. So, a single charge can keep the SmartBook powered up for the whole day.

Also, as these SmartBooks will be powered by ARM-based processors and Qualcomm's 1Ghz Snapdragon chipset, they might only come in Linux flavours.

Unlike SmartPhones, these meaty processors allow the device to handle high-end computing tasks like full-web browsing, GPS navigation and 3D graphics.

So, just a bit of compromise of size, you can now carry these highly powered SmartBooks instead of the usual mobile phones and expect it to do everything that you wished your mobile can do. But again, hasn’t Apple answered all the limitations of a general mobile phone by providing the iPhone, which does most of the issues mentioned above quite well and also is small enough to carry it in your pocket!!!

Well am sure there will be a decent sized market for these new SmartBooks, as there was for NetBooks and though still in its concept stage, SmartBooks could be that next step in technology. We’ll keep watching this space!!

Office Site: http://www.hellosmartbook.com/ 

- Ravi Adloori

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