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Augmented Reality (AR)

While we are on the topic of AR (Augmented Reality), let me take this opportunity to introduce a company called TOTAL IMMERSION who are the global leaders in this concept and have invested substantial amount in its research and development.

Check their website which show cases the concept in-depth - http://www.t-immersion.com/
Some Live experience - http://demos.t-immersion.com/
Video Gallery - http://www.t-immersion.com/en,video-gallery,36.html

This stuff looks cooler than Tom Cruise from Minority Report. Also, if you remember an Indian flick named “Jeans” made by Shankar, if you look at the concept of projecting a digital image of Aishwarya Rai, doesn’t that make you wonder…was Shankar trying to cite an example of the AR concept???

Again, as mentioned in my previous post, this concept surely opens endless possibilities and especially the film and gaming industry who are going to adapt this to a great extent, both in terms of actual content and publicity!!

- Ravi Adloori

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