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Asynchronous ways...

Asynchronous ways...
Gone are the days when users had to fill in forms and then click the submit button in order to send requests or get information out.
AJAX cleverly uses Javascript to communicate directly with the server, with the XMLHttpRequest object. Using this object, Javascript can trade data from the webserver without having the need to reload the page.

AJAX uses asynchronous data transfer between the browser and the server, allowing web pages to request bits of information instead of the whole web page/
In this way, AJAX can be used to reduce the processing times of web applications and make it user friendly as well!
AJAX is based on Javascript, XML, HTML, CSS and stands for "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML"
I have seen soo many neat implementation of AJAX. Recently Apple incorporated the AJAX technology into their MobileMe Application.
Many e-commerce websites smoothly incorporate this feature and I have seen examples where when you add a product to your shopping basket, you no longer will have to wait for the page to refresh. Instead I see a cool graphic showing the loading symbol and then get a confirmation that the product is added to my basket in a neat pop-up.
Also, I have seen some cool flash-like applications using combination of DHTML, Javascript, jQuery, etc.
Even though AJAX has its Brownie points, it does have some drawbacks.
For example, pages rendered dynamically using AJAX requests cannot register themselves with the Browser's history. So clicking on the back button will no longer takes you a step backwards.
Also, I did notice some basic commands not working properly. For example usually when I sign-in to my webmail account, I enter my username and password and hit the return key on my keyboard. This usually signs me in without having the need to click on the Log-in button. But I did come across websites which use neat flashy sign-in blocks and when you hit the return key, it throws up an invalid username / password message even though I entered the correction information. And it works fine if I click on the Login button.
Anyways, every piece of technology has its merits/de-merits. This didnít stop me from having a bit of fun.
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- Ravi Adloori

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