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Watch OS2 and the Updates

Its almost been 4 months since I had the Apple Watch and I am pretty much used to the interface and wear it on a daily basis! It sure did turn quite a few heads, but mostly, I am quite happy with the product. Considering it being a first gen device, I personally believe Apple put a lot of effort is actually making the device cool, where most of other manufacturers failed miserably!

Now, with Watch OS2 and extra colour options, I feel the Apple Watch only got better!

New Colours and Bands:

First, there is the new gold and rose-gold Apple Watch Sport versions. I did check them in person and the colors look really good. The rose gold is really a very good option for women and the gold version is quite subtle and goes very well with the paired Dark Blue band.

Then there is a rainbow of sport bands in various colours giving you all the more reason to shell out more money for additional bands. Personally, I like the Walnut, Midnight Blue & Fog colours. They really go very well with the aluminium Apple Watch Sport edition:

Watch OS2

We have a couple of new watch faces. First is this time-lapse video watch face. Every time you turn the watch face on, it plays a short time-lapse video of various locations from a pre-set menu. This really looks unique and cool, especially check on the changes in clouds/weather colours in Mack Lake or the changes in the harbor in Shanghai. You can select from Mack Lake, New York, Hong Kong, London, Paris & Shanghai.

Then, you have the option to create a watch face using the Photo album on the Apple Watch. Every time the watch face is turned on, it shows a different picture from your album. You can also create the watch face with a single picture. [Below is me trying to satisfy my nerd-ness :))))]

Apps now have the ability to run natively so they are much faster to load. I did notice this on APPs like Instagram, Trip Advisor and XE

There is a night stand mode, where the watch displays a clock face with connected to the charger and is placed side-ways

There are more things like being able to reply to emails, maps providing transit information, ability to add more to the contacts list and ability to send digital sketches in different colours

Siri gets an update as it, so now you can ask more stuff like, "Hey Siri, start a 15 minute indoor run"

Watch-face complication now support third-party apps, so now you can put things like flight timings, top news stories or even the charge levels of your electric car on supported watch faces.

Finally, there is Apply Pay and it really is super-cool being able to pay with your Watch. I try to do this most of the times and it really super-impresses everyone around! Just recently, the sales person in MacDonalds drive through was calling her colleagues and showing them whilst I was paying with my Apple Watch!! :) :) :)

Apply Pay, both on the iPhone and the Watch is probably the best NFC payment implementations at the moment with serious extra cool-points going to the Watch!!

So four months down the line, I am seriously happy with my purchase, for my usage, a single charge lasts about 2 days, Apple Pay is super cool on the watch and I still cannot help grinning every time the Watch "Taps" my wrist! And yes, I will soon be adding a few more bands to the collection!!


Ravi A