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Well I had the domain and web space registered since 2003 and initially used my flash skills to design a small portal which landed me in my first decent job. I seldom touched the website since then, but started a blog with Microsoft Live Spaces.

Frankly, a lot has changed since I initially created my small little flash website. I was closely associated with the development of a powerful e-commerce/CMS solution called ViArt. The flexibility and scalability of the platform is amazing and now, I have upgraded my entire web-related files onto this platform. I will try and upgrade the site as frequently as possible. Certain sections might not be accessible, work is still in progress on these…

More about me, I work as IT Project Manager with a company based in North England. I do like keeping myself updated with the latest trends in IT & Computing. Music, Movies & Gadgets are my passion.

Happy browsing and please do leave your comments :-)

- Ravi A

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